The Economy of Quality

Oct 2014


The Economy of Quality


As the economy begins to improve, we find ourselves hoping –as a society– we have: learned the true value of our money; realized buying the cheapest item isn’t always the best way to stretch our dollars.  If so, we save for a quality item which will last longer, perform better or do more.


When it comes to flooring, the quality isn’t just on the surface.  It’s important to understand beneath the beautiful color, texture and design of your floor are the components helping keep your floor looking and feeling great for years.


Prepare to dig into the components that define the quality of your floor.


Manufacturing Technology


First, there is the technology built into the product.  There are different methods used to plane lumber for your solid hardwood.  These methods affect not only the look, and the sustainability factors of the wood you choose, but also the strength of the wood fibers and the durability of the surface.  The process used to bind the layers in your engineered floor will affect how the surface withstands years of use as well as the environment the boards are exposed to.  There are manufacturing practices which help prevent colors from fading in your carpets; developments in padding and backing that help insulate and provide additional structure to keep your carpets looking newer longer.  There are so many technologies that affect laminates, tile and vinyl we’d need a whole page just to detail them –or you can just stop by the showroom and we can fill you in.


Installation Procedures


Then, there are methods used during the installation which improve the durability of the product and even factor into the manufacturer’s warranties.  There are different installation requirements for different types of flooring based on testing by manufacturers who go to great lengths to identify the best practices to ensure your floor lasts through the warranty period and beyond.  For instance, did you know the method used to install your hardwood floor can depend largely on WHERE your hardwood flooring is being installed?  Laminate and hardwood flooring have limitations on humidity in the area where the flooring is being installed.  Too much humidity can cause the edges of your flooring to expand resulting in wavy edges in your floor which probably don’t fit into your design.  Many products require acclimation to the environment before they’re installed to ensure proper fit and function.  Even the type of grout used for tile is dependent on the type and size of the tile.  This may affect how large or small the grout line should be.


Flooring Location


Finally, certain products will simply function better in certain situations and locations than others.  While you may have your heart set on hardwood, you may have issues with humidity which prevent this type of flooring from being installed.  The good –no, GREAT– news is… today, manufacturers are blurring the lines between the different types of flooring so a tile may look like wood and a vinyl product may have the same aesthetic as tile –complete with actual grout lines!  This also means we’re able to easily provide some intriguing looks which simply weren’t possible in years past.  For instance, we can provide a seamless transition from a traditional tile into a hand-scraped hardwood that provides lasting “WOW!


It’s important to look for quality in the flooring products you buy and the people you trust to install it.  We invite you to trust us to help you in selecting the best flooring products for your home or business installed by our quality installation professionals.




Sep 2014


Metallics AreHeating Up!


With their cool lines and multifaceted textures, metallic tiles bring an element of sophistication and glamor to any room. From sparkling kitchen back splashes to shimmering shower accents, designers are seeing the benefits of bling and now they're able to create designer dreamscapes by mixing the high gloss of glass tiles with the high-drama of metallics.


Combine tumbled tile with iron metallic accents to create an Olde World style to add gravitas to any room.


Stop by to see the great styles of metallic tiles we have in the showroom.  We'd love to weave them into your design.


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