The 4 years of laminate

Four layers of flooring material fused into one versatile, durable product that’s perfect for busy families – that’s laminate! It’s easy to install, wears well, and is available in various hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile looks!

Typically, laminate flooring will be made up of multiple layers of wood-based materials, configured into individual planks or tiles. The following four layers are common:

  1. At the bottom is a backing layer to balance the floor and keep planks or tiles straight while also sealing out moisture. It can be a built-in substitute for underlayment.
  2. Next, a core layer makes up the majority of the tile or plank. This high-density core provides strength and stability for the floor.
  3. The third layer is a high-quality decorative layer with a hyper-photorealistic printed design, typically of hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile flooring.
  4. Finally, the top wear layer on each plank or tile adds luster, texture, and protection from wear, staining, UV rays, and scratches.


Laminate reliably and affordably mimics many popular wood species and types of tile or stone, in a variety of stylish colors and patterns. Some of these looks would be hard to find and difficult to afford were it not for laminate flooring technology.

At Interior Images, we proudly provide the Finksburg,MD community with access to both smooth and hand-scraped laminate textures, available in many sizes and shapes to suit any home. You’ll also find laminate floors designed for several different types of installation, including glue-less, glued-down, pre-glued and with underlayment attached.

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Laminate installation

Laminate is growing in popularity, but many folks still aren't familiar with just how many design possibilities there are when using this versatile modern flooring. To help get you inspired to use laminate flooring in your own room design, we've put together this gallery of laminate styles that is sure to spark your creativity!